Most of us would definitely have been acquainted with the very familiar tune of the Rolex song, a link to which is pasted right above. What does this tune represent exactly though. To say that it represents elegance, which most of the Rovo team did when asked this, although partially technically correct, is at the same time a horribly wrong answer. An idea or association of true elegance, is one which cannot be reduced to one single descriptor. Anything of true elegance is complex, and its exact essence(s) elusive to the senses and thought. This article tells about two of the essence(s) of the Rolex song.


Grace. A word the meaning of which is deceptive. If we actually think about what grace actually means, we can see that our impression of the word is far from satisfactory as an answer to the question of what grace is. This is our take on grace. Grace is not elegance, which is a more total 'entity', but a part of elegance, or else it would not be a separate section within this article. Grace is having the gentle touch, it means that no matter how fast or hard you go at something, you will always appear and most likely feel effortless. The Rolex tune made us feel this way exactly, in both its intense and calm moments. Despite some uptick in excitement levels, we feel a steady sense of uninterrupted direction, a consistent unbroken crispness and concentration (which is a rarity because swings in musical intensity usually throw us off in some way), a feeling which our Rovo intern Roger So described as 'being in the Zone'.


By timeless we do not mean being able to defy age. Although is definitely one of the qualities being embedded within the Rolex song and all the 'essence' of Rolex, it is not as significant as the other type of 'timelessness'. This 'timelessness' is a state of consciousness in which although you pay close attention to keeping of time, you live every second such that the passing of time does not feel like it matters. It represents being in such a state, despite the ups and downs in the intensities throughout the passage of time. In other words, it represents a concept that time is scarce and yet eternal. It is no coincidence that this tune is associated with the greatest athletes in their fields of expertise. To achieve excellence at the highest levels one would need to stay true to himself/herself in every second, and be present in every second. This brings us to the attention of one of the most practical lines in Rudyard Kipling's poem 'If':

'if you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run'

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