Sloane Stephens journey towards the winning of the US Open ladies's singles championships has been nothing but remarkable. She has overcome seeming impossibilities and what-look-to-be completely justifiable doubts, not for the trite reason of her race, but because of some very grave personal difficulties that have almost always prevent someone from simply improving (his or her performance). She was the unlikeliest of the 3 very unlikely semi-finalist contenders in the ladies' draw,

these are the reasons why...

  • She was world number 957 at the start of August this year, when she entered her first WTA tournament after a 11-month injury resting period, in which she lost in the opening round.
  • She could not put in virtually any kind of tennis practice for half the time she was injured - for four months of the injury period she was on a self-described "peg leg" when she was unable to put weight on her foot

If I were her, I would most likely have retired, right on the spot - Danny Limanseta (Rovo Co-founder)

A normal person - such as Danny, which is rather unfortunate for us - would have thrown in the towel in the face of such searing disappointment, but Sloane chose to fight on.

Made a turnaround in her situation with her iron perseverance she did

  • In the Cincinnati and Montreal tournaments right after the tournament in which she suffered the opening round loss, she won 13 out of 15 matches, all against opponents ranked within the top 50
  • Her run continued on into the US Open
  • She was ranked within the WTA top 35 earlier this Monday - making a jump of more than 900 spots in less than two months

To all the unlikely champions (all of us in fact), strive on, no matter the circumstances you are currently in!

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