Federer v Connors

Federer wins 7-6 6-7 6-4 6-1
A score like that can be considered a rather evenly matched one. Both players are definitely on par with each other when skill (and arguably technique) is concerned, but Federer has the psychological edge. He plays a balanced game as opposed to Connors who burns through each and every point as much mental and physical energy as he can. This explains the gradient of the match, with a very tightly fought first two sets before an arguable crumble. This is the kind of score you will get when pitting Federer and Roddick in a match, which is perhaps no coincidence that Roddick at his most consciously fiery was under the tutelage of Jimmy Connors. Great tennis is after all about edging out consistently, not powering your way through the best you can. The strategist, not the brute, wins.

Roddick v Becker

Becker wins 6-4 6-7 5-7 7-6 8-6 This is a tough call to make, because of the strong similarities in both their standards and playing styles. Both, as we all know have very strong serves, although it may be argued that Roddick is the better in this aspect as he has hit more aces in his career than Becker. Notwithstanding such, we believe such statstics do not really make that much of a difference. The key difference between Roddick and Becker lies in their movement and groundstrokes. Both are very offensive by nature, but Becker has much lighter than footwork than Roddick. This allowed Becker to react to balls faster and hit less predictable shots than Roddick. Such lighweight-ness however, meant that his groundstrokes are not as heavy and powerful as Roddick. Becker edges over Roddick however, because of his greater mental strength.

Nadal v Borg

Nadal wins 6-4 6-3 6-4 The old King of Clay is no match for the new one. Though both their gameplay are built around the same principals - heavy reliance on the top spin and a get-every-shot-back mentality - Nadal's variation is moulded into a level superhuman. We do not need to add in here the rotations-per-minute statistic to prove this point, what is observed by the visible eye is already striking enough! Should they be put together, we will expect to see Borg be blown off the court. Borg's game is more like Tommy Robredo than Nadal in fact, if one were to focus on the actual technical details instead of a historically relative approach - so the match will sort of feel like that as shown in the highlights below. How far advanced from the past has the standard of professional tennis come to today!