Amidst all the high-octane sensation and spectacle of the 8th day of the US Open, we note down two noteworthy takeaways from today's action...

(1) Federer is back on track

Doubts no doubt rang in the tennis world when Federer performed sluggishly during the first two rounds of this US Open. He endured 10 sets for 2 opponents he was supposed to have finished off in six! We continued to cast doubt on Federer's ability to reverse such state of performance upon his straight sets victory over Lopez in the third round. 'We will have to wait till the fourth round to figure out if his performance in the third could be an accurate enough reflection of whatever he's going to bring up in the rounds to (hopefully) the finals,' said Rovo co-founder Danny Limanseta. And proved the doubters wrong did Federer, in a performance distinctly less sluggish and more flashy than the fist three. 'I actually thought Federer was not going to reach the final when I saw his performance against Youzhny, but now I believe again,' said Rovo co-founder Joshua Newman.

(2) Del Potro could just be back in the very top

Del Potro walked onto the court for his match against Theim, with a performance record in the past few years that is of no accurate representation of the skill and potential that he possesses. From 2014, he has suffered a slew of wrist injuries and as a consequence, achieved the best result of only a quarter-final at the 2016 US Open. (One must not forget that he was the 2009 French Open semi-finalist, 2009 US Open champion and 2013 Wimbledon semi-finalist.) It was not so much the comeback that was stunning to us, but the quality of tennis that he brought to court. He blasted his forehand shots of with such frequency and consistency, that we would put our money on Federer reminiscing about their 2009 US Open match when watching the Del Potro-Theim encounter on screen. A 2017 US Open quarter-final might just go the way of the 2009 US Open final, as things stand.

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