Throw a party for your friends — from your exercise mat

We may be confined to our houses with little or no physical interaction with the outside world. However, thanks to the Internet, we have the luxury to ‘hang out’ with friends despite these odds. From playing online games to watching Netflix, there is so much you can explore together virtually while still being apart. Having said that, isn’t it the natural order of things to have an option to workout with friends? We miss the gym and, more importantly, our gym buddies who helped keep us motivated to hit the gym regularly. Around the world, people are resorting to using video call apps as a makeshift option to workout with friends but it can be tedious and frustrating to organise. So here we are - with a new app that connects you to your friends while working out. Say hi to the all-new Workoutparty app - a virtual gym that allows you to workout with friends anytime, anywhere. We might not be able to have an actual party anytime soon, but that should not stop you from throwing a fun, innovative, and healthy party, right?

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WorkoutParty! app is not just another app for you to download. It is the whole package. We all need the extra motivation to workout, and the app provides just that. While 100s of YouTube videos may give you a guided session option, you are still left to the confines of your room with no one to share it with. The app negates that feeling and allows you to have a party right in the living room! Think of the app as your virtual gym with three lifelines — trainer-based workout videos, video conference with friends, and fitness tracker integration.

Training is no longer the same

Remember those days when the trainer would give you a pep talk right before lifting weights or your friend recording you benching kilos of weight? It is going to be a while before you can get back to those days. But that does not mean you have to sacrifice seeing your friend or share a camaraderie from the confines of your home. The in-app ‘party’ mode allows you to invite friends to workout with you, just like a gym session. Qualified trainers have invested hours in preparing the perfect workout plan in video format that allows people to stay fit and healthy even during these dark times.

Friends who workout together slay together

We all have that one friend who pushes us to be the better version of ourselves. You might be separated physically, but virtually you are still connected. Plan a gym party with your friends from around the world (yes, you read that right!) and shed those calories together. With a plethora of workout options available from yoga to Pilates to cardio sessions, make the hangout session more fun by selecting a different exercise form every day to practice. You’ll never know — staying in could become the new going out with this app!

Your training sessions will no longer be in vain

A guided app session, your WorkoutParty! statistics can be easily integrated with popular fitness trackers like Google Fit, Fitbit, Apple Health and other trackers. WorkoutParty! app allows the integration to happen seamlessly and sends relevant data, including heart rate, calories burned in real-time to your tracker. Connect the app to any of your trackers and transfer the statistics to keep a close look at your workout progress. What's more fun? You can have friends add their data, exchange badges and get fit together. Maybe even add friendly competition to stay on top of each other’s fitness goals. After all, we are all in this together.

Check out WorkoutParty! to do home workouts with a digital trainer and invite your friends to do it together.

WorkoutParty! Workout anytime, anywhere