Timing is of the essence.

In one of our previous posts, we mentioned how much of a talkative bunch you all are, & It continues to be so! When we last posted, there were close to 2000 messages sent in the app. The latest number is is a 500% growth with close to 10000 messages sent!

What we did notice however was that very few you were using the scheduling feature to arrange hits. We've been working to make arranging hits much easier & today, we're happy to share what's available in the latest versions of Rovo.

Revamped Chat

We've made chat even more central to the experience by removing the player & timing tabs. Now you can go straight into chat from the profile page of the player you want to play with. Simply tap on the button that says "Set up a hit with ..."

Setting up a hit in no time

At the top of your chat screen, you'll now see a new section which intelligently updates to show common time slots you have with the other player, or any upcoming hit that you have with the player. If you have no common time slot, the section will also update itself automatically to suggest that you change your availability.

Tap on the button "Set up a hit!" & you'll be shown the list of common time slots available. Just tap on "Ok" if you can make it or "Sorry" if you can't. This will send a message to the other player requesting a hit.

Once the other player says "Ok" your hit is confirmed! You can now firm up the details of the place & exact time through chat.

Thank you!

As always, thank you for continuously providing us feedback. We hope you find this new feature useful. If you think of any more features that would help, send us an email to your friends@rovo.co! #playmore