Rage. It is something all too common for the normal man. A reckless driver who almost collided with your car. A car speeding past you on a wet road, wetting your clothes while doing so. That bus that never seems to come. The list goes on and on.. One can only imagine the amount of anger that a professional tennis player has to sustain throughout a tennis match, sustaining losses which have a bearing on his quality of life. Here is our pick of the top 4 outbursts of anger which took place during a professional tennis match.

Nalbandian (2012 Queens)

In this most unfortunate of anger outburst on this list, for the angry one, the potential to claim a championship title was lost in the most ignominious way possible as of now. Nalbandian although down a break after the last point of the match, was a set up against his opponent Marin Cilic in the final of the Queens championships. He threw all of what would have been a huge room for him to claw back in a mindless kicking of the sideboard, which was knocked into the sheen of a sitting linesman, and from the looks of the video below, caused quite severe external injury.

Dimitrov (2016 Istanbul)

This is technically another throw-away of the final, by Dimitrov to his Argentinian opponent in the mens' finals of the 2016 Istanbul Open, but was in fact not, when one considers two things. First, Dimitrov was already down the 5-0 in the last deciding set. Secondly, the reason for his anger which made him give up the match, was the reason for his poor losing performance throughout the match. The breaking of his strings (3 times I believe) is not to be underestimated in its ability to disorient the affected player, given that a huge factor in tennis performance is the ability to maintain one's rhythm - both within rallies and throughout the match. However, that does not mean that we should not pay attention to the spectacularly dramatic style in which he finished the match, and destroyed the rackets after their strings broke.

Troicki (Rome 2013)

Victor Troicki is of a temperamental nature, and is known on Youtube (for out case at least) for the numerous confrontations and one-sided shouting matches he slug out with match umpires. Our favourite of such confrontations however occured during his match against Gulbis in the 2013 Rome Masters tournament. Massively dissatisfied with how the line was being called, he as usual went to confront the umpire. This time round the it was not the usual battle of attrition however, he ramped up the intensity of conflict by pulling in a third party (a cameraman) in a forced alliance that online viewers would be fitting material for caricature.

Baghdatis (Australian Open 2012)

The Cypriots, given their tumultuous political history, are no strangers to war. During his match against Wawrinka in the 2012 Australian Open, Cypriot Baghdatis tapped into such ingrained warlike instincts to unleash a wave of fury on his rackets. Total casualties of his during that moment amounted to 4 in only 25 seconds - a record in the world of tennis! However, perhaps as a sign of the condition of the modern age, the more cool-headed prevailed in four sets.

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