So....there's a handful of you that reached out to us asking

How do I track my hits? I've played with folks on Rovo, but it still says 0 hits on my profile ☹️☹️☹️

So after a bit of digging, we realized that most of you use the chat feature in the app to arrange your hits, but not all use the timing feature in the app to track the hit.

That got us thinking & we're happy to share with you a new update that will intelligently suggest you to track hits as you're exchanging messages!

Track suggestions

While you're exchanging chat messages with your fellow players on Rovo, the app will now detect if you're arranging a hit & suggest you to track it! Here's how it looks like:

Once you suggest a time in chat, a suggestion to track your hit will appear.
Tennis Timing suggestion

Tapping on it will show you a popup to adjust the time if needed.
Tennis Timing suggestion popup

Tapping the Track Hit button will mark the hit as on & you can add it to your calendar.
Tennis Timing suggestion popup

That's it! You can now track your hits even more easily, award badges, exchange feedback and as always, #playmore.