Disclaimer: This article is not just meant for those who have not had a taste of the game. For those who have played, knowing why you should play the game (which is not very known in practice) would enhance the level of enjoyment you get in your future badminton games... These are JUST ONLY 4 reasons (to a degree unique to badminton) why you play the sport!

It is a good endurance, bodybuilding and flexibility workout

Want a sport that gives you the benefits of both body stretching, weight-lifting, and long-distance running? Badminton would be the ideal one for you! With all the jumping and running about on the court, your aerobic fitness would drastically improve over some sessions. (They don't have to be hardcore!) The frequent stretching for shots also improves your flexibility; while the sprints and smashes help build your leg muscles and arm muscles respectively!

It is good for your heart and blood

More important than aerobic exercising's contributions to your looks is its un-observable (at least on the surface) benefits for your health. With all the cardio-work put in in your badminton sessions, your heart muscles would strengthen; your blood vessels will remain unclogged; your blood pressure and resting heart rates drop.

It strengthens the bones

Badminton is a high-impact sport. The numerous jumps you would need to undertake in the course of the game (unless of course, you do not do smashes), damages-strengthens your lower-body bones (particularly the joints.) Each hit on the group after each smash would damage some of those bone, which would then strengthen when they're recovered.

It is extremely fun

Now we may be getting rather subjective here. But we believe that badminton is a uniquely fun sport because of the right amount of intensity involved in the game. It is neither too physically intense to be un-enjoyable to most folks (which sports such as soccer or boxing are) nor too slow (like cricket or golf). Accessibility is key!

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