Simple Home Exercises for Weight Loss

Given our busy lifestyles, it’s tough enough to make time to exercise and lose weight. But you finally knuckled down and started working out but, alas, the lockdown happened.

Not sure what to do next, worry not as you can continue your weight loss regime even at home.

With the right set of exercises, it is absolutely achievable.

To lose weight, it's necessary to do exercises that require us to invest more energy. These exercises are energy-intensive processes that require us to burn a large number of calories throughout the exercise, which in turn, aids in total weight loss.

Here are 6 simple exercises you can do at home for a complete body workout. These exercises when done regularly as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, which are also factors that will take you closer to your weight loss goal.


Bridge: This is one of the best exercises to activate your core muscles that involve the abdomen, gluten muscles along with quadriceps and hamstrings. It tones and strengthens the core which is essential for you to perform more complex workouts on your journey.

Jump Squat: It is one of those exercises that take your heart rate up as you start burning calories overall in your body. Your quadriceps and glutes are the major muscle groups that are toughest to lose fat from, but with jump squats, you can target them to lose fat easily.

Mountain Climbers: One of the best full-body workouts for weight loss, this exercise is seriously going to give you the results that you have been dreaming for since long. It involves your shoulder, abdomen, gluteus, quadriceps, and hamstring muscles.

Plank: As you include a plank in your regular workout routine, slowly realize that you better support your weight on your arms as your shoulder becomes more toned, and your abs tighten. Plank is effective in strengthening the core as you hold your complete body-weight with the exercise along with improving your posture. Planks help build lasting endurance to tackle long sessions of workout.

Lunge: Lunges are simple yet effective for the thighs if you find it too difficult to jump. Lunges target the thigh fat and bring more flexibility to them. Strong legs go a long way in any fitness journey as they support our body weight and prevent injury to the knee.

Crunches: Strong abs help us perform various everyday functions from lifting heavy grocery bags to pushing heavy objects apart.  It helps balance our core and improves body posture which keeps our lower back pain-free. It might not directly lead to weight loss but crunches activate the muscles around your belly region and tone them over time.

It should be kept in mind that weight loss is a journey, which is a part of healthy living and can be sustained with conscious lifestyle changes; like,

*Choosing a healthy lifestyle

*Having a regular sleep pattern

*Being on your toes and walking where possible

*Taking the stairs over an elevator

* Playing sports regularly

With these simple changes and the availability of home workouts, never miss a day in your weight loss journey.

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