You are what you eat, or more accurately in this context, your body is what you eat. The wisdom that a good workout cannot make up for a bad diet is so true, as Roger So's experiment showed very clearly. Being scientifically minded and hence wanting to verify everything he come across, Roger conducted a two-month long self-experiment, separated into two sections of one month each. During the first month, he hate McDonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also ran 5 km and did some weights, every single day. For the second month, he did not exercise at all, but stuck to a diet of abundant amounts of fruits and vegetables, and went lean whenever he had meat. The verdict, he lost more weight and felt much better during the second month. In fact, he gained weight during the first month, despite all the exercise. So, what kinds of food should one take in order to... feel good, and stay in shape? Here are some of our top picks


It does not have to be coffee. If you are more oriental in your dietary habits, a green tea with enough caffeine content could also do. Although caffeine is typically known for its brain-boosting effects, many people do not know about its body-boosting effects. It is in fact a highly effective fat-burning ingredient when ingested. It is known to food scientists that when consumed before exercise, caffeine makes the body use fat cells to generate the energy for exercise, as opposed to glycogen. Coffee is also a thermogenic, which is a substance that drives up the heat in your body, thereby enhancing metabolism. We all know about the anti-coffee warnings - chuck them out! These are all unnecessary grandmother stories, although to be fair it is accurate to an extent (it is true that too much of a good thing is a bad thing).


As the wisdom goes, when there is no input, there is no output. This feels and is so true when it comes to work-outs. The more calories you want to burn, the more calories you will need to take in. This raises a tricky question then. Since there is a limit to the amount of food most people are able to consume, before feeling full, would they need to consume energy-dense foods to get sufficient calories for the work-out then, and that these energy-dense foods are usually unhealthy ones? This is only partially correct. Calorific foods do not have to be heavily oiled or sugared. In fact, one of the most calorific foods is also one of the most simple, natural and healthy ones. Welcome the banana. On top of potassium, bananas are packed with natural sugars and simple carbohydrates, which will be more than sufficient for a fat-shredding session.

Fruit Smoothies

What is a productive life without pleasure. It is for such reason - pleasure - that this option, among all the many others, appeared on this list. Everyone loves fruit smoothies - they are sweet, delicious, tasty, refreshing, mood-boosting, and smooth. Narrowing down on their potential benefits for someone about to undertake a workout - they are high in calories given the high amounts of fructose within them. Although taking one in a normal circumstance (when no exercise is planned to be carried out soon after drinking) could be health-wrecking, taken before a calorie-shredding session, and this would be essential fuel.

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