A Wimbledon final is the biggest single event in the tennis world, of the year. It will be a big conversational topic for the next handful of days, and today, for people with all levels of familiarity with the happenings in the professional tennis world. People who have not heard of Djokovic, not to mention Anderson, will be desperate to find out who the finalists are, since Federer or Nadal are not in it. For those of you not too adequately familiar with the players, do not fret, we got you covered in this article.

Finalist No. 1 - Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson could be considered a Wimbledon miracle. Before this, he was a consistent fourth-rounder, and could only be considered at the very best an occasional breakthrough-er (considering his few upsets over players within Top 4). His run to the final at the US Open last year was considered by most a fluke which will never recur. His arrival at this Wimbledon final, however, after two spectacular and grueling slug-outs with championship favorite Roger Federer, and tennis ace (pun intended) John Isner, should overturn such a perception. Roger Federer was seemingly playing as well as he did in 2006, and thus to defeat him would take a huge amount of devastating power. John Isner, with the best serve on the tour as deemed by almost all his fellow competitors, held a significant advantage over Anderson and yet still lost. If Anderson beats Djokovic this final, he will be the first man outside the Big 4 to win at Wimbledon, since 2003.

Finalist No. 2 - Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is back and re-energized. Written off by many critics only months before as not being able to bounce back to the heights reached in his old days, Djokovic, like Anderson, is another man bent on a mission to overturn consensus perceptions. The tournament-winning quality of his performance as seemingly demonstrated by his defeat of Nishikori, was spectacularly re-displayed in his semi-final match against Nadal, whom he beat in an epic five sets. He is, to say the least, the favorite to win the match. With Nadal, Federer and Murray not present, the weight of responsibility on Djokovic is huge. The post-2003 monopoly of the Big 4 on the Wimbledon championship rests on his shoulders. The 12-time grand slam champion has not won a grand slam championship, since the 2016 French Open, and the wait is no doubt killing him. A win at this Wimbledon will not only confirm the bounce-back of Djokovic, but will also put him back on track to superseding Pete Sampras' current position as the third best tennis player in history by grand slam wins.

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