Wimbledon is in its 5th day. However, by the end of the tournament's 4th day, we were moved significantly enough by the happenings of the tournament so far to be moved to the extent of being impelled to write this blog post. The purpose of such blog article, is not just to let the readers know about or understand that which moved us, but also to attempt to get them to relate to us.

These are our thoughts

The churn rate at Wimbledon is real

At the time of writing this, 10 of the top 20 Wimbledon seeds in the men's singles draw are out. This may sound like a terrifying attrition rate, only if that on the women's side is not brought into the picture. For the women's singles draw, only two of the top 10 of the draw remain in the tournament - the two most shocking matches of which are the second round losses of defending champion Muguruza and 2018 Australian Open champion Caroline Wozniacki. The most shocking exits of the men's game to us were the first-round loss to Dimitrov, which was not made better by the fact that Wawrinka's weakness surface is known to be grass, and that Wawrinka lost in the very next round; and the loss of Cilic to Pella in the second round, despite being the runner-up last year. The high degree of vulnerability of even the most seemingly secure as evidenced by such statistics really makes the phrase 'shock exit' look massively exaggerated.

What is the significance of this to us

With some of the biggest names (including a person technically a potential champion of the tournament) out of our tournament, the pull on our attention from such falls not on these exits in and of themselves, but how they reflect upon the greatness of Roger Federer.

That one too many great players are being handled these random and inconceivable exits just points to how randomness just makes up such a huge component of the game, which is as unavoidable to everyone in the game, just like the specter of death itself, except for Roger Federer. Even Federer's 'comparables' have not been immune to such moments - Djokovic could always talk about his shock losses to Sam Querry in 2016 or Tommy Haas in 2009; Nadal could always point toward all his Wimbledon losses from 2012 onwards; while Andy Murray had to withdraw this year.

Federer has stood the test of this randomness. His record of 8 Wimbledon titles won and 11 Wimbledon finals reached, proves just such. In doing so amidst all this chaos, he has defied logic, nature and common sense. Out of such defiance, though, is inspired and arises a strong sense of belief, a belief in the impossible, a belief in achievable supreme greatness. To all the people aspiring to becoming immortal first before dying, this is how you do it.

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